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1:1 Coaching

$200 per month


I’ll teach you how to love your static training.


While my training style trains physiological adaptations in the body (CO2 tolerance, hypoxia, etc.), the training focuses more on the mental aspects of the breath hold. If you are someone who doesn’t like training static, then the goal of the training is to help you heal from the past trauma that caused you to not enjoy static in the first place. Mental training is sometimes missed or neglected by some coaches and is generally absent when you only focus on doing tables yourself. Training with me will physiologically improve your breath holding capabilities while also ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible mentally while holding your breath.


Every diver is different; each one needs a custom training program to be able to achieve their unique goals.

I work with divers of all levels, discussing and setting goals with you before creating a custom periodized training program that will help you get from where you are now to your goal. Whether you are a new diver or are a national record holder looking to improve your relaxation and comfort on your dives, training static with me will give you results.

Evaluation Tools

My custom data collection system not only tracks your times and personal bests, but also mental and physical statistics over time to observe improvements beyond how long you can hold your breath.

1 Month Training Plan

I create a monthly training program for you based on past results and the goals you aim to achieve, including at least 3 sessions per week. Results best seen if a program is adhered to throughout an entire periodization cycle.

Weekly Video Call

We jump on a 30 minute video call once per week to discuss the previous weeks sessions, the results so far and how they fit with the overall training progress, and make any changes to the plan as needed.

My Teaching Style

I love teaching in groups. I really enjoy the camaraderie and support that comes from working with a group of individuals all working to achieve something incredible. I have also been told that I am very supportive and will work with you where you are. Safety is a huge priority for me so if you dive with me, you are in good hands.

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