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About Me

The water has been my passion my whole life but only recently did I realize my natural talent for freediving and apnea.

My Experience

I was in the water before I could speak. My parents took me to classes at the local pool where I got very used to being in the water. From there, it was week after week of swimming classes, then swim team, and then lifeguarding. I swam on my high school team for a semester and continued teaching a swim team at my local pool.

After finishing high school, my involvement in the water dropped a bit until I moved to South Africa and realized the incredible environment that was sitting at my back door. I took a few freediving courses and was completely hooked!

Now I am training to beat the American Static Apnea record and teach freediving when I am not working hard building websites or consulting for small businesses and nonprofits.

My Teaching Style

I love teaching in groups. I really enjoy the camaraderie and support that comes from working with a group of individuals all working to achieve something incredible. I have also been told that I am very supportive and will work with you where you are. Safety is a huge priority for me so if you dive with me, you are in good hands.

Dynamic Apnea

Deepest Dive

Max Breath Hold