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Apnea And Freediving Instructor

Get in the water.
Dive with me.

Being in the water is like being in a completely different world. Whether you are in the ocean, lake, river or pool, if you are in the water, you may as well be on another planet. Just like astronauts exploring space, we move differently, experience time differently and require training to truly enjoy the experience. Experiencing the alien world that is just below the surface on our back yards is incredible.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend a bit longer in this world? Feel more comfortable in this world? Be a safer explorer in this world? Courses and training with me will equip you will the knowledge, skills and tools you will need to dive more safely and more relaxed, resulting in more enjoyable time exploring the incredible underwater world.

Let’s Dive Together



Are you interested in exploring a whole new world sitting right on your doorstep? Take an adventure freediving course with me and you will gain a solid freediving foundation with added focus on extended dive time, buddy diving and safety. There is a whole tribe of likeminded people waiting to connect and create ocean adventures.



Want to learn how to dive deep? Like really deep? Then sport diving is for you! These courses are geared towards perfecting the skills and techniques required to successfully reach depth and distance goals, to break national and even world records. As always, safety is paramount and we focus on how to reach amazing depths safely and without injury.



Do you want to improve your breath hold times? Want to see what your body is really capable of? Join me for either online or in-person one-on-one or group coaching sessions geared towards improving your tolerance to CO2, improving your relaxation during breath holds and increasing your overall breath hold time.


“I’ve been training with Brandon one-on-one for a few weeks now and have loved the experience. In the very first session it was clear that he understands the training deeply, including the physiology of what happens with breath holds. It made me feel comfortable working with him from the beginning and each session has allowed me to push myself harder in a way that feels safe. He pays a great deal of attention to what you are doing and how you are feeling, and despite this being my first foray into this area, I would recommend Brandon to anyone.”

Jonathan Shock

Academic, Cape Town

“Brandon’s two-day Adventure Freediving Course was a thorough and hands-on introduction into the underwater world. While short and concise, it relayed a lot of information on the physical body and how it responds in water, allowing for a greater understanding of just what we’re training. His course is engaging, accommodating, personal and, due to small group size, there is plenty of time to work through your own weaker points with him. Thanks for equipping me with the skills and know-how to keep improving!”

Skye Mallac

Copywriter and Journalist, Garden Route


Let’s Dive